Company History

Henry W. Poole, Sr. worked for one of North Carolina’s largest printing companies, Edwards & Broughton Printing Co., for 25 years before starting Poole Printing Company in 1947. When the Company began, it was operated as a printing and engraving job shop printing letterheads, envelopes, business cards, business forms, brochures and booklets. Those first years until late 1950’s we were using only letterpress and hand set type with an occasional photo engraving. The 1960’s brought the first offset press using technology of film to plate. Mr. Poole had three sons involved in production at various increments allowing business to increase at a steady rate. With the increase of Customers it prompted Poole Printing to purchase larger format equipment. The Research Triangle Park introduced many new large companies to the area producing a vast number of support business to move into the Raleigh Area.

With the steady growth in sales Poole printing was prompted to purchase property and build a building in North Raleigh. This building was built in 1983 and is the present location of Poole Printing Company.

With the continual change in the market place Poole Printing has strived to keep pace with the demands of its customers and now is offering Digital and wide format printing.